I am Rumiana. Friends call me Rumi. Just like the ancient poet, however, the name is the only thing that connects us, and perhaps the fact that I used to write poetry as a teenager. Back then I also dreamt of being an illustrator, while attending applied arts college. Then one day as we were creating posters, by painting every detail with acrylics on paper, and precisely drawing letters by hand, a young Japanese teacher introduced me for the first time to the wonders of the early graphics software. Soon after, I was fully immersed in the world of vectors and pixels. Long story short, back then I decided to dedicate myself to another form of art – digital design, and it became my profession. Ever since, I have been helping businesses design and improve their products, brands and online presence.

Most of my work is at the overlap of applied aesthetics, psychology and technology. My current focus is on designing digital user interfaces, but occasionally I also work on branding, marketing related, or various other design projects.

I love optimizing both processes and designs. Discovering how to make complex interfaces easy to understand, logical and intuitive, as well as beautiful and pleasant to interact with. I love looking for that perfect balance in a design strategy, that delivers a delightful user-centered experience while reaching business goals. I strive for excellence and don’t rest until a design makes sense, looks good, serves a purpose, and makes a difference.

Whenever I am not engaged with a design project, I enjoy spending time with some fun hobbies. You would see me taking photos of blooming trees and whatnot, or wearing a mask and funny protective glasses while forging metal into rings and things, or head down with fine tweezers and a magnifying glass, working on my next miniature.

Want to connect with me? You can drop me a line here, or find me on one of the social networks listed below.