Pictures that inspire inexplicable satisfaction

By August 8, 2014 September 17th, 2015 Design
Pictures that inspire inexplicable satisfaction

A friend of mine shared this photo post on Facebook – Pictures that inspire inexplicable satisfaction. As a design professional I find it quite amusing.

This is really all about aesthetics, and how the human mind always tries to put things in order, enjoys rhythm, color, and things that fit perfectly :D This is all part of what user experience designers of various types (a.k.a. visual designers, industrial/product designers, architects etc.) study and explore every day. We try to find the perfect balance, tame chaos, and subject it to order, perfect things until we see harmony shining trough. We do it all on purpose, knowing that it matters, and hoping that we can bring other people that “inexplicable satisfaction” from seeing, touching and experiencing something that is “man made”. Of course there is a lot more to aesthetics in general… but these pictures represent mostly visual delights, and this is what got my attention.

The beautiful photo at the top is by photographer Emily Blincoe.

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